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At Superior Engines we have built a team that is the best out there. We take pride in the fact that we are a small business and work together like a well oiled machine. We are like family, without the drunk uncle, and all work to a common goal of bettering ourselves and the business by providing fast, reliable and friendly service at a fair price. Check out our profiles below to get to know us.

Scott, Owner/Diag Guru

Scott was born and raised in the Denver area. Scott began to develop a love for automobiles early in life while working at the family service station. Scott has owned and built more cars for himself than most people will ever own. Scott feels that there is something to like in each and every vehicle.


Scott went to General Motors for training at the age of 16 and started his first business at 20. Scott has multiple ASE certifications in addition to his multiple decades of experience.


When Scott is not spending time with his mom he enjoys playing the drums and his dogs. Mica the Siberian Princess and Pep the Big Chicken are the loves of his life.

Jesus, Machinist

Jesus was born and raised in Mexico City and emigrated to the United States in 1990. Jesus started his career in the automotive buisiness at the young age of six and has compiled a vast knowledge of vehicles ever since.


Jesus finds great joy in taking an engine that no longer works and making work better than it did when it was new. If you need to know something about an engine Jesus is likely to have your answer in his head.


Jesus has been with us for 24 years, he enjoys spending his free time with his wife of eight years, his two dogs and his many project cars.


Jesus does not like pictures of himself.

Brett, Heavy Line
Brett is a Colorado native, born and raised in Glenwood Springs, moving to Denver when he turned 21. At 12 years old Brett began working on golf carts and small engines, learning the attention to detail that is required in this industry.
Brett Has spent many years building his knowledge of automobiles and how to fix problems. Brett has the uncanny ability to remember the smallest details and can apply those details to future repairs. Brett has multiple ASE certifications.
Brett has been with us for 11 years, he spends his free time with his three daughters practicing kick boxing and working on his many projects. Brett also enjoys spending time with his wife of 10 years.
Tom Cat, Diag/Supervisor

While Tom's background is not real clear to us she has provided us with lots of help. She is always quite vocal, especially when she is hungry. Tom makes sure that we are all keeping busy and even though her knowledge of automobiles is not strong she goes to great lengths to quality check all of our work. Tom has begun to help with office work and likes to put her muddy paw print of approval on engine quotes. 


Tom is unable to have any offspring of her own, so she surrounds herself with many friends.


Tom likes to spend most of her time sleeping, she does however like to play fetch with Scott from time to time. Tom enjoys sunshine, chasing mice and the occasional fight in the alley.

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